BasicTimber Company was founded in 2003.

Our Company specializes in production and export of cylinder timber, different products made of it, as well as industrial fuel pellets.

Our staff is highly qualified at woodworking industry, which allows producing the highest quality materials.

Each order is individual for us. If requested by the customer, we perform specific processing and packing of timber, which helps us fully meet each customer’s requirements.

We make our supplies to Germany, France, Czech Republic, Austria, Italy, Greece, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain and Belgium, thus winning new sales markets.

We believe that well-done job always provides for rapid response. We make supplies of our high-quality materials at reasonable price within the shortest time possible hoping for long-term reliable cooperation for both parties. We consider it to be the only way to success.

The Company’s Strategy for Timber Use in the Production of Goods

Today, markets and governments of most developed countries demand that the goods to be supplied are produced of legal wood harvested in sustainable management forests. This is guaranteed by the international supply chain certification according to the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC ®) system. Manufacturer to consumer chain certification helps keep track of products from the raw materials in the forest to the consumer, including all consecutive goods processing stages. FSC ® certification of the supply chain means that the Company may use either certified only timber in the production of goods or timber which is both certified and controlled, thus excluding uncontrolled timber from production.

Taking the above mentioned into consideration and being aware of importance of responsible forest management and forest exploitation, the Company chooses not to purchase and not to use the following timber categories in production:

  • Illegally harvested timber;
  • Timber harvested in violation of traditional and civil rights;
  • Timber harvested in high nature-value forests damaged by harvesting;
  • Timber harvested at forest reserve land subject to transfer to the category of non-forest land or plantations;
  • Timber for forests with genetically modified trees cultivated.

To exclude purchase of the above listed timber categories from uncertain risk areas the Company undertakes to perform the harvest area risk assessment as required by the FSC ® standard for controlled timber.

The Company undertakes to inform the FSC ® Office and the accredited certification authority of any non-conformity with the FSC ® standard for controlled timber in low risk areas.