We are concerned about the results starting from timber sorting to finished products supply in order to fully meet Your requirements.

Raw Materials

Our Company performs forest care cuttings as soon as it grows. Our activity is totally open and meets the highest environment protection standards.

We work with legal timber in ecologically friendly forest areas only. All the timber is free from insects. Radiation background is natural.

To ensure the maximum production rate and high quality of the finished product we perform comprehensive pre-cutting inspection of each tree. Timber quality secondary control is performed immediately prior to processing.


Our production facilities allow for producing 1000 m3 of cylinder timber and up to 1000 tons of fuel pellets per month. In the warm season all the materials are treated with Antiblue antiseptic to protect timber from blue rot and mould.


All the materials are packed in special bags to prevent damaging during transportation. The customer is free to specify the packing type.


Basic Timber Company performs supplies of its products to nearly all the European countries.

Our production facilities are close to E30 (M1) Moscow – Brest – Berlin – Amsterdam motorway which allows for prompt shipment and customs clearance.