We are concerned about the results starting from timber sorting to finished products supply in order to fully meet Your requirements.

Cylinder timber

We produce about 800-1000m3 of cylinder timber per month. Cylinder timber has a form of purely milled cylinder of single diameter throughout the full length.


Palisade is cylinder timber with butts processed as follows: butt-butt, bevel-bevel, bevel-saddle.


Stake is cylinder timber with four-sided or pencil-like sharpening.

Half log

Half log is made by cylinder lengthwise cut.


Mini-sleeper is cylinder timber with longitudinal plane.

Barked wood (Grape stake)

Barked stake is used in agriculture to support vine or other crops.


We are able to produce different types of fences of cylinder timber based on the customer’s drawings.

Roll board

Rolled path is used as a cover for garden pathways or as a fence for seed beds and flower beds in the garden fitting harmoniously into the garden space.


Industrial fuel granules are ecologically friendly low ash fuel used in high power boilers to produce heat and electricity for settlements and industrial enterprises. Two fuel granule production lines allow for producing 800-1000 tons of pellets per month. Supplies may be performed by road transport in big-bags or in bulk by special carriages.

Technical characteristics of pellets:

  • Diameter - 6mm or 8mm
  • Humidity (Moisture (as received)) - max of 10%
  • Ash-content (Ash) - max of 1,5%
  • Calorific ability (Net Calorific value) - min 17,0 MJ/ton
  • Content of sulfur (Sulphur) - max of 0,08%

Pellet Testing Protocol

Measurement protocol of 137Cs